Whenever possible, it is best to have your exceptional QITTERI jewellery cleaned by a professional, such as your local jeweller, and to specify the gems it is made of.

To keep your jewellery sparkling, we recommend using appropriate cleaning products or possibly washing-up liquid diluted in lukewarm water and gently rubbing the back of the jewellery with a very soft children's toothbrush, never used without rubbing the stones directly.

We recommend that you keep your jewellery in its original case to avoid tarnishing and scratching.

The rhodium plating will naturally wear down over time, but perfumes, chlorine, especially from swimming pools or hot tubs, cleaning products and hydro-alcohol gel can accelerate this process and can cause damage, degradation and even loss of some stones.

We invite you to remove your jewellery before each use of hydroalcoholic gel and to put it back on once the product is dry.

In the particular case of some of our models whose stones are suspended between two claws and therefore sensitive to shocks, their limitation to a simple use of evening ring is expressly recommended.